Video Editing for Affiza Custom Cabinetry. The client's version with my voice-over narration can be viewed at:

Video & Audio Editing for Inner Architect.

Audio & Video Editing for ESSES Productions.

Video Editing for Aptos Vacation Rental.

Sound Recording and Videography for Betsy Ann White - Actress.

Compositing and Screen Replacement shot created for the indie short film "Bon Bon the Demonic Cat".

Videography & Video Editing for Gary Millan - Furniture Repair Pilot Video - Segment 2 of 3.
Shot in 1991 at a famous furniture showroom. Re-edited for mass consumption 2009. Shot with a Canon A1 Hi8 Camcorder. Originally edited in 1991 with a Sony EV-S900 Hi8 Editing Deck. The 2009 re-edit was done with Sony Vegas Pro 8.